Galahad works with families, individuals, nonprofit organizations and allied professionals to help them to achieve what matters most to them right now, and for generations to come.

We have many years of experience as planning professionals. One of the things that differentiates us are the tools and processes we employ that go far beyond what many think of as ‘traditional’ planning.

Why? Because traditional planning fails 90% of the time when measured out beyond two generations. The statistics have been well known to the legal and planning community for decades: in 65% of families where one generation has achieved financial success, the money is gone by the end of the second generation. By the end of the third generation that failure rate skyrockets to 90%.

The loss of the assets that families worked so hard to accumulate is tragic.  Even more tragic is that as the assets dwindle away, the family’s unity and shared vision for the future often collapse as well.  Individual family member achievement suffers, and the causes and organizations the family would like to assist lose valuable support as the family struggles.

Those numbers are not acceptable

We know from the research why the 90% fail. For us, the more important question was, if 90% fail, what do the successful 10% of families do differently?

How do those 10% of families thrive and prosper year after year, generation after generation? What specific steps do they take to keep their family unity and the assets they have worked for in place, no matter what is going on in the world around them?

Would you like your family to prosper for generations?

In recent years, researchers have identified the ‘elements of success’ that the 10% of successful families share in common.  Those elements have been distilled into practical, common sense steps that almost any family can take to help them succeed for generations.

We help families to recognize the elements needed to sustain family unity and prosperity, and to identify the ‘gaps‘ that may exist between their current planning and the kind of planning that incorporates the elements that have been proven to ‘bridge‘ those gaps.

We often work with the family’s existing advisors as we develop and apply processes that reflect the family’s unique situation.  We also work with nonprofit organizations in an educational capacity to provide them with tools and solutions that will help them to build strong multi-generational relationships with the individuals and families who believe in their missions.

The process we utilize to help people achieve what matters most to them is known as  heritage planning.