Surveys of legal, financial and nonprofit professionals confirm what we all know: there is a seismic shift taking place in the planning professions.  At the same time, new opportunities to enhance the value of what we do on behalf of our clients and constituents have increased just as dramatically.

Collaborative Teams

We often work with other clients’ advisors in collaborative team settings in a process that creates a structure through which the client can achieve and maintain the accomplishments and outcomes they desire – for their reasons.  To read a brief article in which we describe what we mean by ‘true’ collaborative teamwork, please download our white paper on collaborative teams for clients:


Delivering value

One of the reasons that we formed Galahad was to focus on the original reasons we entered our respective planning professions:  to help people. As people learn more about the benefits of heritage planning and the power of collaborative professional teams, they are seeking professionals who can provide them a process that they can implement now, see results now, and set in motion plans that they feel confident will benefit generations of their family. Heritage planning is not about finding new ways to sell product. It is about new ways to deliver ongoing value.

The planning landscape has changed dramatically.

So have the opportunities to better serve your clients.

There are not yet enough trained heritage professionals to fulfill client demand. In the workshops we present for professionals, we describe the emerging field of heritage planning, the opportunities it presents to advisors, and the concrete financial and emotional profitability that advisors can experience by providing heritage planning themselves or by aligning with trained advisors who can provide it on their behalf.

Heritage planning and fully collaborative professional teams are the future of planning. We look forward to talking with you about what integrating both of those platforms into your business could mean in your unique situation.