Watch Your Family Work Together

The path towards the achievement of the things that matter most to you begins with a process we call Guided Discovery. Here, you will identify, reflect upon, articulate and share the values, life lessons, experiences, dreams and hopes that are unique to you.  The document that grows out of this process will provide your family with a living statement of your vision, and your advisors with a clear roadmap to follow as you create and implement your planning.

Most plans require the services of professionals from different professions, including law and finance.  The difference between having the right team working collaboratively on your behalf versus a team that is almost right is like the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.  We are experts at assembling and working in collaborative team settings on behalf of our clients. And, we think you should always have the lightning.

There are three elements to successful planning, not just the two with which most people are familiar. Financial Planning prepares and protects your assets. Estate Planning prepares the assets for your family. The third element required is Heritage Planning. It prepares the family to receive both their financial and their emotional inheritances. In combination with the other two elements, heritage planning forms a platform that provides reliability, strength, and stability that will deliver benefits and enduring value to you and your family now,  and for generations to come.

Is there a secret to multi-generation family strength, unity and prosperity?  Studies show that the two most critical requirements to achieve long-term individual and family accomplishment are trust and communication. We work with families in a process and with protocols that helps to foster and enhance trust and communication as it brings the family together in common causes. From family members mentoring other family members for success, to the establishment of ongoing family governance structures that are as unique as your family, the real secret to success is right there at your family dinner table.

Financial and estate planning help you pass what you own to future generations. 

Heritage Planning helps you pass who you are to future generations.

First, Discover What Matters

Incorporate All Three Elements of Planning

Assemble The Right Team